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Sean O’Shea is a world renowned dog trainer, author, and teacher. He’s best known for his rehab work with extremely challenging dogs. Sean started his training journey some 20 years ago, with two out of control rescue dogs, making many of the same mistakes his clients struggle with. Sean spent several years working to find the answers to turn serious dog aggression, explosive reactivity, terrible separation anxiety, and general disobedience—around.

Once people saw what he was able to achieve with his own dogs, they began asking for help. Thus began an unexpected journey into dog training. Sean could regularly be found in the hills of Hollywood walking packs of 10 dogs or more, which always stopped traffic. From there he began to get calls from celebrities who’d heard of his work, and soon he was making house calls for the likes of LL Cool J, Teri Hatcher, John Frusciante, Bruno Mars, Lance Bass, Kristin Bauer van Straten, and many more. From there Sean opened his Los Angeles location, and soon after opened his second location in his adopted city New Orleans.

Sean also released two highly acclaimed training programs, sold thousands of copies of his groundbreaking book Love Them By Leading Them, and developed several revolutionary new leash and collar designs which have been embraced by owners and trainers alike. Sean has been featured on CBS This Morning, Fox News, and The Hollywood Reporter.
Owner & Founder

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