TGD’s “Premier Private Package” is a unique hybrid which combines the benefits of our renowned board and train program with the convenience and affordability of traditional one-on-one lessons. Whether you’re looking for solid obedience, off-leash freedom, an enjoyable, relaxing walk, or a resolution to various behavioral issues - our “Premier Private Package” has you covered! And of course, just like with our board and train programs, we focus on much more than just creating an obedient dog - by applying our unique approach to building a healthier mindset, we’re able to dive far deeper than most obedience-only programs, and cultivate a far more balanced, respectful, and happy dog.

For the first 10 sessions of this uniquely designed 12-session program, you will drop your dog off with one of our TGD trainers. They will work privately with your dog, which means you will be free to grab a snack, run errands, or just hang out. Working privately ensures your dog won’t be distracted, and nor will we, which means we’ll achieve far more in a shorter amount of time! But don’t worry - your dog won’t be the only one learning during this time. We will provide you with comprehensive “homework material” to review, so you can simultaneously build your knowledge while your dog learns new skills during their time with us.

For the final 2 sessions, we will work hands-on together where we will transfer all the training over to you, as well as provide you with all of the information and coaching you’ll need to continue the success at home, so you can live the most productive, fulfilling life possible with your dog.
Mastering on and off-leash obedience commands: Sit, Down, Place, Recall/Come, and Heel

We’ll also tackle: Thresholds, Crate manners, and Waiting for Food.

Behavioral issues, including (but not limited to): reactivity, jumping, mouthing/nipping, counter surfing, mild resource guarding, door dashing, inappropriate barking/whining, charging the front door, poor manners, etc.

*Aggression, fear, and anxiety cases will be evaluated for eligibility on a case by case basis*

Upon completion of this program, you will have access to virtual support for the life of your dog. You will also be eligible for individual à la carte sessions for anything you may want a refresher on at any point.

The first session will be two hours long and will include an assessment of your dog. Each subsequent session is one hour long.

Each program also includes our book “Love Them By Leading Them”, a 15-ft long line for continuing the program at your home, and a Herm Sprenger Prong collar.
*Price includes an Educator E-Collar – which ranges from $180 to $220, depending on your dog’s size. We will purchase this for you during your dog’s stay.

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