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  • “The book is fabulous! I just finished reading it.
    This book would be a great choice for someone thinking about getting a dog, or a current dog owner…especially if there’s any behavioral issues.
    Lots of great advice such as: address the small moments and we rarely see the big ones. And my favorite “you don’t do training you live training”. This is a book you would want to read then reread certain passages as needed. I know I for one, need to be reminded of things especially when it’s new and not yet a habit.
    This well-written book is easy to read, understand and put the concepts into practice. Sean O’Shea clearly has the knowledge and compassion to be an effective leader for canines as well as us humans!”
    Patti-Jean T.
  • Just added Volume 2 to my training library, and I can’t wait to get into it! Rereading Volume 1 was well worth it. So many revelations for everyone, from beginner to pro.
    Matthew C.
  • Just want to send a quick note to thank Sean for his book and Foundation training DVD. The program did wonders for us. We recused Oakley (our 2 yr old feisty little boy) six months ago, we were first-time dog owners, he behaved perfectly inside the house, sweet and obedient, but he would lunge/bark viciously at any dog in sight during walks, it was so embarrassing/frustrating/tiring walking him in our neighborhood, we used to take him in the car twice a day to go to a public park just to walk, and avoided interactions with neighbors and their dogs altogether.
    We have watched so many Youtube dog training videos, read books, worked privately with trainers. The information was so overwhelming and confusing. In the past month, we have focused on structured walks, threshold, now he is a different dog!! The clarity of Sean’s book and DVD really cleared the confusion out! It really saved us a lot of mental energy, time, money, and effort. Thank you very much