Place command allows your dog included in your life, but keeps him from being underfoot, getting into trouble, charging the door when guests come over, begging at the table, jumping on the furniture, jumping on guests, etc. You can have him in one spot without him roaming around the house getting into trouble!

Place command is like enforced doggie-meditation. By removing options, we remove the stress and anxiety that come from our dogs feeling responsible to assess and address everything that occurs in their environment. In the grand scheme of things, Place command is the most valuable exercise in our entire training program!

The benefits from utilizing long-duration Place command, and other duration work, are nothing short of profound. When your dog learns that he’s not only not responsible for what occurs in his environment, but is also not allowed to act upon his impulse, he learns to become more of a relaxed observer than an active participant in what goes on in the world around him. Everything from high anxiety, hyper-territorial behavior, nervousness and/or aggression towards people, and major attitude problems (bratty, pushy, snotty behavior), can be massively impacted through this simple exercise.

Archie was highly reactive, excitable, and pushy. Since we started implementing some of the things we learned from your DVD that behavior has been reduced by about 75-80%. I can only believe it’s because of the few days of training we’ve spent working on these things with him. Thanks so much!-Diane R