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The Good Dog's Black Friday Limited Edition Colorway Release!

After years of rigging together safety backups for ourselves and our client's leashes and collars, we finally decided enough! It was time to create what we felt would be the ultimate safety leash.

As I'm sure many of you have experienced, leash clips can fail (slipping off your dog's collar at the worst possible moments), and collars, especially prong/pinch collars can fail (a link can pop out and the collar pops off), leaving you holding a leash, and no dog.

This is absolutely the most terrifying thing when you're on a walk and your dog is suddenly no longer attached to you. So for years, we've been using standard carabiners to back up the leash clip, and also to back up the prong. And while they work, they're both time consuming, challenging to get on and off, and can sometimes interfere with the action of leash and collar.

So along comes the TGD Ultimate Leash. It has a locking spring-loaded carabiner (no leash clip needed) which goes to the main collar, and is basically impossible to have accidentally come off. Leash clip issue...solved! Then we added a back-up strap that goes to your dog's regular collar, in case the main training collar fails. And that solved the possible collar failure issue. Nice.

But we weren't done yet! There were a few more things that needed to be upgraded. So we added two new leash developments you won't find anywhere else. First, the backup strap is adjustable in its length. This means you can customize the back-up to just the right length for your dog. (This is especially handy for small dogs.) Then we went after the twisting leash issue. When you add two points of contact on a leash if the dog spins (especially during play or potty) it easily tangles the leash. So we added the first-ever double swivel, which sits above all the other equipment. This special touch enables a dog to turn or spin around without the leash twisting.

As if that wasn't enough, our carabiner, double swivel, and back-up strap “D” ring are all made of airplane-grade aluminum. So not only are the break limits (the weight they can take) off the charts, the actual weight of the leash, even with all the extras, weighs exactly the same as a standard nylon leash with a single stainless steel leash clip.

And of course, like all TGD products, these babies had to look amazing! We chose vibrant leash colors, which contrast beautifully with the all black hardware components. Creating a strikingly beautiful and stylish leash, that is also incredibly practical.

The actual leashes are made of smooth, but incredibly strong nylon. And the stitching quality and attention to detail are off the charts!

After several hundred leashes were sold in the pre-sale, the reviews began to pour in about how much owners and trainers were enjoying them. Of course, this was thrilling. And now, they're available to everyone!


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