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Like our Ultimate Leash, our brand new collar design is all about scratching our own itch. In the past, all the dogs we’ve trained at our facilities were immediately put on martingale, limited-cinch collars. Why? Because dogs routinely back out of their flat buckle collars. If this happens on a walk, it could be a disaster. And even if you’re using the flat buckle collar for a backup for the primary training collar, like a prong or dominant dog collar, and if the primary collar fails, the dog is now only connected via the flat buckle collar, and is indeed again vulnerable to sliding out.

Along with that, if you’re working on training, having a collar that provides a limited cinching action is a great help. It can help to maintain control, prevent slipping out and away, and even allow for mild corrections. And of course, it also works fantastically as an everyday collar; that can provide control, and safety when needed.

What’s different from a traditional martingale? First, we went with a unique limited-slip/cinch design, rather than the usual martingale design. The primary goal was to prevent the collar from being able to get caught on anything. With a traditional martingale, there’s a big loop that offers the possibility of getting caught. We wanted to remove that possibility, and so we did. We also went with a tiny paracord “D” ring where you would attach your leash or backup. This tiny loop lays flush against the collar, further preventing the chances of anything getting caught. This little loop is tiny, but mighty.

And lastly, we wanted the collars to be striking and special, like our leashes. So we went with all black hardware, black TGD label, and of course, the colors available match our leashes perfectly! It’s truly a special collar, and I’m super excited to finally be able to share it with you.

Options include a snap buckle for easy release or traditional style martingale.


Small:  ½” width, fits neck 9.5” to  14”

Medium:  3/4” width, fits neck 13.5” to 20”

Large:  1” width, fits neck 18” to 27”


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