The Good Dog – Love Them By Leading Them Volume II E-Book

The Good Dog – Love Them By Leading Them Volume II E-Book


The Good Dog – Love Them By Leading Them Volume II


The Good Dog – Love Them By Leading Them Volume II E-Book

World-renowned dog trainer Sean O’Shea returns with a second volume to his much-celebrated and much-shared book The Good Dog Way: Love Them By Leading Them Vol.1. What was meant to be a one-off book that would fill the training gap that so many “How-To” training books overlook—our lack of understanding of our dogs and ourselves, and how these gaps sabotage our success regardless of how much “training” we engage in—was so incredibly well-received (close to 10,000 copies sold) that it necessitated a second volume. Volume one took an overarching look at the biggest, most common mistakes owners make, and broke them down in a simple, clear, strait-forward fashion that was easy to understand and led many to begin to re-examine, reset, and ultimately create far fuller and more enjoyable lives with their dogs. Volume two continues this journey of examining ourselves and our dogs but dives even deeper into the concepts that made volume one so helpful. Sean spent several years working to better understand and better explain the obstacles that he was seeing repeatedly stymie his client’s success, and unwittingly preventing them from achieving their goals. Love Them By Leading Them Vol. 2 is the natural evolution of Vol. 1. While retaining the unique layout, flavor, and feel of the first, and still grappling with the ever-challenging human/dog “misunderstanding” of one another, Vol. 2 explores deeper territory, deeper concepts, and offers deeper solutions in an effort to help owners become the leaders/guides their dogs need them to be in order for both species to better enjoy their lives together.

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Archie was highly reactive, excitable, and pushy. Since we started implementing some of the things we learned from your DVD that behavior has been reduced by about 75-80%. I can only believe it’s because of the few days of training we’ve spent working on these things with him. Thanks so much!-Diane R