The Good Dog Way

The Good Dog Way – Book by Sean O’Shea


The Good Dog Way
Love Them by Leading Them

by Sean O’Shea

In the first training book of its kind, internationally renowned dog trainer Sean O’Shea takes a unique look at the often misunderstood dynamics of the human/dog relationship. He explores where we go wrong, why we go wrong, and most importantly, how through a clearer understanding of both species, we can make it right again.

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I've read many dog training books and this is, hands down, the best! Can't recommend it highly enough.-Deb Clark

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Something’s going on…

In a world filled with dog lovers, how is it that so many find themselves still struggling? Why do we see more behavior issues and “problem” dogs than ever before? How is it that we still don’t “get” each other?

The simple answer is information. We’ve been misled. We’ve been taught that leading and guiding our dogs is something harmful, damaging, oppressive. Something that takes from our dogs. The truth is exactly the opposite. Leading, guiding, setting rules, creating expectations, and consequences don’t take from our dogs, they give to our dogs.

They give comfort, clarity, simplicity, joy, stability, and freedom. They bring out the very best.

The formula is actually a simple one. In fact, it’s probably stuff you already know. These principles are universal, irrefutable. But somewhere along the line we lost our way. We became disconnected from simplicity, truth and universal laws.

I believe that this book can help you reconnect. Not just to your dog, but to yourself. I believe that the information and stories from actual owners can help you solve long-standing issues, sort out relationship problems, and help give you clarity on what’s been going wrong… and how to get it right.

I believe this book can help you find that something.

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SEAN O’SHEA is a world renowned dog trainer, most known for his rehab work with extremely challenging dogs, He runs two successful training locations, one in Los Angeles, and the other in New Orleans. He’s released two highly acclaimed training DVD’s, writes the popular The Good DOg Life Blog, and he co-teaches the internationally lauded Train The Trainers seminar. Sean splits his time between Los Angeles and New Orleans.

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I'm struggling with getting anything done! All I want to do is sit and read!! This freakin book is AMAZING!! No lie. A M A Z I N G!!! Thank you!!-Kimberly Golden