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Shadow Experience with Sean!

Shadow Program

We’ve made some big changes to our world renowned shadow program.👇

✅ We’re moving from a 7 day to 5 day format (to help folks who struggle with getting longer lengths of time off).

✅ We won’t be having folks stay on property with us. (Which open us up to a couple of cool things!)

✅ We’re now taking 6 attendees instead of 4.

✅ We’re now allowing attendees to bring a dog they’d like us to work with/help problem solve training/behavior issues for no extra charge.

✅ And best of all, these changes have enabled us to lower the price as well! 🙏

So if you’re looking for a full immersion training program unlike any other in the industry, based on proven success with clients, dogs, and building an actual business—where none of the critical good stuff is held back (like it is in most other shadow/seminar programs), this might just be for you. You’ll spend 5 long days with myself and my team covering all aspects of training (philosophy/technique/hands-on), client interactions, administrative best practices, marketing/sales, tech, goal setting and goal achieving and much more. And with each program limited to just 6 attendees we’re able to custom tailor the program to meet each attendees personal level of experience and personal goals—regardless of where you are on your dog training journey.

Come see why folks are traveling from all over the U.S. and all over the world (Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Canada) to attend this special training opportunity. 😀

For more info or to grab your spot (they’re already filling up!), please email

💰We also offer payment programs for anyone looking to attend.
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