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If distance is an issue, we offer phone/Skype consultations where you can talk with us one-on-one about your specific issues at hand. In this time, one of our trainers will address and assess your situation, and coach you on specific strategies to work with and implement into life with your dog.

Our phone/Skype consultation program options include:

-Individual sessions;

-Custom-built package programs, depending on your goals

We also have trainer recommendations all over the country, so let us know if you would rather find someone to work with in-person![/eleven_columns]






Boarding is only available for dogs who have trained with us previously!

Boarding includes one structured walk, carefully supervised playtime with other dogs, and maintenance of any rules and training that your dog already has in place. All dogs sleep inside our climate-controlled facility.[/eleven_columns][five_columns]


*Pick-up and Drop-off services are available!



Some Good Dog Transformations

[onethird_columns]From Nightmare Walks To Dream Dogs![/onethird_columns]

[onethird_columns]Woody, dog aggressive, leash reactive[/onethird_columns]

[onethird_columns]Grimlin, human aggression[/onethird_columns]

[onethird_columns]Iggy, stress, anxiety[/onethird_columns]


[onethird_columns]Niño, human aggressive dog 5 day transformation[/onethird_columns]

[onethird_columns]Thunder, severe leash aggression before and after[/onethird_columns]

[onethird_columns]Wallace, dog-reactive GSD first 24 hours[/onethird_columns]

[onethird_columns]How we work through leash reactivity with the wild and crazy Ozzie! (2nd session)[/onethird_columns]

[onethird_columns]Leash aggression/reactivity transformation with Rosie and Clyde in just 3 days![/onethird_columns]

[onethird_columns]The Foundation DVD Teaser![/onethird_columns]

[onethird_columns]The E-Collar Training DVD Teaser![/onethird_columns]


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