The Sean O'Shea Seminar

The Sean O'Shea Seminar

Training Fundamnetals & Problem Solving for Owners & Trainers

In a world full of seminars and workshops which prioritize political correctness over truth, feel-good techniques and philosophy over practical efficacy, and reputation elevation over actually helping… we’ve got something very different in the works.

What might that be? A 3-day deep-dive into a reality-based, time-tested and proven, no-nonsense seminar which promises to deliver the training philosophy, concepts, protocols, and outside the box thinking which will empower owners to turn whatever they’re struggling with around, and will offer trainers a very different—and far more effective way of looking at and performing the work they do.

Anyone who’s paying attention knows we have a serious transparency, honesty, and integrity issue in the training world—which is why so many owners and trainers are struggling. If the ideas and approaches which actually work are kept hidden because the current industry (balanced and force-free) punish those who put these ideas forward, it’s no wonder so many are lost.

My goal with The Sean O’Shea Seminar is to share the same transparency and simple, but profoundly effective concepts which have caused our trainer and owner shadow programs to be such life and career changers for so many. It’s a simple goal: Let’s bring back honesty, common sense, and effective training, and leave the bogus dance of BSing owners and trainers behind.

*This seminar is for all levels of owner and trainer skill set, and any and all behavioral issues - no dog will be excluded.

*Any dog attending who has human or dog issues, must be muzzle conditioned prior to the seminar and the owner must bring a properly fitted muzzle with them.

How to successfully address these behavior problems:

  • Nuisance behaviors (barking, whining, jumping, counter surfing etc.)
  • Resource guarding
  • Pulling on leash
  • Reactivity
  • Fear issues
  • Anxiety issues
  • Human aggression
  • Dog aggression

Training fundamentals:

  • Nuanced leash and prong work
  • Our 4 stage e-collar process
  • Learning how and why to stack or toggle tools/aka known as “piggybacking”
  • The hierarchy of tools which escalate vs deescalate (a critical component most owners and trainers don’t fully understand)
  • The hierarchy of tools which are personal vs neutral (another critical component most owners and trainers don’t fully understand)
  • When to use food/praise/play in training and when not to
  • The groundbreaking “Reverse Perception” concept
  • Safety protocols (how we consistently work with the extreme dogs we do and have an almost perfect safety record)
  • Setting the tone/creating healthy social dynamics. (Probably the most misunderstood training aspect and absolutely the most profound missing piece to human/dog harmony)
  • Examining the the unnecessary, unhelpful, and counterproductive over analysis/categorization for the origin of behavior issues, and how to greatly simply the process and help the dog to a much higher level
  • Examining the unnecessary complexity (and assorted fancy ego-based nonsense) involved in most contemporary training systems in order to simplify and deliver what’s truly best to help your dog, and/or to best help clients
  • Developing the skills to better read dogs, developing the proper timing to ensure clarity and effectiveness, working through personal emotional hurdles, grappling with the realities of your dog’s possible behavioral “ceiling”, tons of daily in-depth Q&A and much more!
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